Decision makers like you at market-leading associations across industry sectors are partnering with JUNO.
They are driving more revenue by engaging community members in live and on-demand events.


Who are these innovators?

  • A Big Four professional sports league known for virtual participant inclusion and hybrid excellence.
  • A medical organization almost 100 years old that has saved billions of lives raising awareness of the world’s No. 1 killer
  • America’s top tourist and convention destination, pushing forward with events in-person and digitally on JUNO
  • The foundation of a famous software billionaire committed to philanthropic works and bringing people together to solve big problems.

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Whatever industry you serve, your community of members is coming together in new and different ways as the future of events, the entire future of work, shifts. JUNO is here to help you identify, sustain and monetize opportunities for digital experiences. 

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Turn Your Live Event Into A Daily Experience

JUNO connects and engages your audience to your events, on demand content, courses and everything in between 365 days a year.

Every feature is built through the lens of our four human motivators.



"JUNO is innovative and disruptive. It matched the values of PCMA. Their team has been amazing. Each and every event regardless of timezone has been fully supported by tech and success team members."

-Tonya Almond, VP, Knowledge & Experience Design


“We spent a lot of time looking at conference platforms which had plug and play approaches to virtual meetings. JUNO was the first company who approached our conference needs with customization and creativity. The entire JUNO team has infectious positivity which helped us tackle our first-ever virtual event with confidence.”

-Jodi Talia, Chief Development Officer

Digital Now 2020

"The JUNO Team is knowledgeable, organized, professional, VERY dependable no matter what time and day. They confirm with you, document it, then solve it, and communicate back."

-Hugh Lee, Founder & President